When do I tell the person I go out with that I do not have hair?

This is a question that I often see popping up on the internet and it is a question that I asked myself numerous times, every time I went out with a guy and maybe I was wearing a turban or a wig and it was not clear how bald I was on a scale from 1 to 10. [22, kinda]

Unfortunately, the answer I have is not to be found in the question just asked.

The answer is obtained from the question:
how comfortable are you with yourself?

Because being “different” from most people mean you feel like you’re always under the crosshairs of other people’s judgment and intimacy is a part of us so vulnerable that exposing yourself to a stranger seems like an act of a fool, an embarrassing moment that we could happily skip!

So I have listed here some brain-monsters of us women to put you in a wider perspective of what self-confidence means:

I can’t sleep over or he’ll see me without make-up in the morning. I’m not yet ready.

  • past me: I have to wake up before him so I can go to the bathroom and do my make up on my eyebrows and eyes. I can’t stand the thought of him turning in the morning light and seeing that I do not have a face!

I can’t sleep with him, he’ll notice I haven’t shaved!

  • past me: if I sleep with him, I will have to tell him that I have no hair or never let him touch my face!

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