FAQ - frequent asked questions about wigs

Do you sell synthetic or real hair?

I prefer to wear and sell synthetic hair and this is why:

  • pre-styled, so no need for self-styling (stays in shape after washing)
  • has the appearance of natural hair
  • less expensive than human hair
  • is colour-fast so will not fade in the sun
  • dries quickly
  • easy maintenance
  • can be worn straight from the box

Do they feel like real hair and are they easy to maintain?

No, they look like real hair but at the touch you can feel they are synthetic.
They are very easy to maintain, but of course it depends what you do with them!

How do I maintain them?

Use a wig comb and wash them every two weeks if you plan to wear them everyday (see my blog post about it:

I also use dry shampoo to refresh them before I put them on! 

How long does the delivery take? 

Delivery is usually up to 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the carrier and in which part of the world you live!

My wig matts at the end and it forms a lot of knots, can I avoid that?

There are some syn wigs that tend to form a massive amount of knots, especially the very long ones.

So when you go back and comb them, they frizz at the end, they become matt and they don't look as nice as before. 

You should always comb them carefully and starting from the end like you would do with human hair, but in the case the frizz happens, take your scissors and cut the wig to a shorter style so you can still wear it for some time!