My name is Sara,  I go as “Miss Swirl” since when I started drawing a swirl on the side of my eye.

I’m an Italian artist, advocate model, make-up artist, and actress; I am a singer, an author, and a music writer; I am also a milliner, and I have developed several collections of hats for an Italian brand.

My baldness derives from trichotillomania. I have started pulling my hair when I was 11, and continued on and off for the following years, causing large patches on my head and face (eyebrows and eyelashes).

During this long period of pulling, I was followed by an amazing therapist and I went through a journey of acceptance, awareness, and self-confidence that has made me embrace my difference. Now I am using this energy to inspire others to do the same.

This is why I have become an advocate model and I have started to raise awareness as a public speaker; I have released tutorials and posts to guide women towards a happy life without hair. You can find them at Consequently, I have been published by a number of magazines including HuffPost and the Daily Mail, and, finally, I am currently working on my first book on body positivity and mental health.

(if you want to share your experience, help me with research, give me some insight on your side of the story, write me a message at!)

Here you can find the guide I’ve made, aimed to empower women without hair.
You can also contact me directly for any inquiry.

I do hope this will help bald women feel like themselves again, and the rest of the world see how being different is just another way of being wonderfully human!